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Name:Dr Cameo "Scary Teeth" Thurlow
Website:Dr Cameo "Scary Teeth" Thurlow's Mantelpiece
Dr Thurlow is probably human, or close. The only reason to question this is the mouthful of fangs that earned the doctor the nickname "Scary Teeth". For Fallen London, this isn't terribly unusual; distinctive, but it doesn't stand out that much next to devils, Clay Men, tomb-colonists, and the squidlike Rubbery Men. (S/he has no supernatural powers worth mentioning.) London's gone a bit peculiar since the Fall three decades ago; it was dragged a mile underground by the Echo Bazaar, carried by a vast flock of bats. Now it resides in the Neath, a cavern of improbably tremendous size and rather eldritch contents, and it's known as the Fifth City as often as it's called by its name. Some say it was stolen, others say it was bought.

Aside from the teeth, Dr Thurlow's distinguishing characteristics are androgyny ("There are individuals roaming the streets of Fallen London at this very moment with the faces of squid! Squid! Do you ask them their gender?"), a deceptively youthful face, and always looking at least a little strung-out. They've got dark circles under their eyes that never quite go away. As it's hard to tell in a number of their icons, Thurlow's hair is medium-to-dark strawberry-blond. (And quite amazingly unkempt, for that matter. It sometimes seems to defy gravity.) Their skin is pale, but that's quite unremarkable in the sunless Neath. S/he has an English accent -- specifically London with a hint of Liverpool, as they reside in the former and grew up in the latter -- and an alto voice.

Another fact worth noting is that Dr Thurlow has died before, but is counted among the living in their own world, as death in the Neath is usually temporary. However, no one who's died in the Neath can return to the Surface -- a temporary death is not entirely free of consequence -- so Thurlow might read as something different from either a living person or the dead people of the Bar to beings who can sense that sort of thing.

Dr Thurlow is my implementation of the player character of Fallen London/Echo Bazaar, and thus presumably the property of Failbetter Games. The PB is my own dang self.

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clay men, death, devils, echo bazaar, fallen london, jack-of-smiles, mirrors, mysteries, painting, poetry, prisoner's honey, rubbery men, sneaking up on cats, the correspondence, the first city, the fourth city, the neath, the second city, the starveling cat, the third city, thwarting spirifers, tomb-colonists, toothy hats

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